Apologies from the MALEM Executive Board

The MALEM Board met in February to continue planning for greater involvement in the Maine Partners in Preparedness Conference slated for May 2020.  We were hoping to host a Member’s Breakfast, host a breakout panel with some special guests and present some awards.

Then the coronavirus came to Maine.  The Maine Emergency Management Agency cancelled the 2020 Maine Partners in Preparedness Conference. 

Our full attention was diverted to the pandemic response, and as such, the Executive Board has not met since.  I wish to apologize for the lack of activity on our part. I hope that we may be able to slowly restart MALEM activities, although for the time being, they will be online instead of in person.

However, I need your help.  We will start our activities with updates to the MALEM website.  Please provide us with ideas that you would like to see on the website.  We could also you your help by sending us emergency management news and information and blog commentaries that we can post on the website.

Thanks.  I hope all are well. 

Dale Rowley, Vice-President, MALEM