Announcing 2021 Scholarship Recipients

The Maine Association of Local Emergency Managers (MALEM) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Emergency Management Scholarship.

Chelsea Robbins. Master of Public Health – Biosecurity & Disaster Preparedness at St. Louis University. In addition to her studies, Chelsea serves as the Training & Exercise Coordinator at the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency.

Christopher Schenk. Trauma-Informed Emergency Management at the University of Maine at Augusta. Christopher aspires to use his experience as a COVID-19 Investigator and Red Cross volunteer alongside his graduate studies to help others during and after disasters.

Jasmine Browne. Trauma-Informed Emergency Management at the University of Maine at Augusta. Jasmine’s background in education and mental health led to her passion to serve vulnerable populations and pursue emergency management.

Chelsea Robbins

Christopher Schenk

Jasmine Browne

Each of these scholarship recipients prepared a robust application package consisting of an essay, resume, letter of recommendation from a professional acquaintance, and proof of enrollment at their university. In their essays, Chelsea, Christopher and Jasmine each shared a compelling case for how their academic studies enhance their burgeoning emergency management careers, and their commitment to preparing Maine against future disasters. These scholarship recipients represent the next generation of emergency management professions, and MALEM is proud to support them in their academic endeavors.

2021 was the first year that MALEM adventured into running a state-wide scholarship program. Kudos to Darren Woods (Director, Aroostook County EMA) and Andrew Braley (Deputy Director, Hancock County EMA) for volunteering to serve on the scholarship committee, and their commitment to the behind-the-scenes work.

Based on the success of the 2021 round of applications, MALEM hopes to continue the scholarship program in subsequent years. If you are a MALEM member interested in volunteering to assist with the scholarship program, please contact President Dale Rowley for more information. To ensure fiscal viability of this program, MALEM intends to run fundraising events to support these scholarships in the future.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients! Please join us in congratulating their impressive academic and extracurricular achievements.